The Amazing Adventures of Rio CALZATO


Hi, my name is Rio Calzato, but you can call me Rio. I'm 5 years old and I am Canadian.

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Quick Pic

I look chubby here, but I'm still cute. I wasn't ready for this photo, I didn't get a chance to flex. –June 15, 2022

This is me eating dinner on top of my room, I learned to eat this way watching my family. I use my hands to eat, it's so convenient.
–June 11, 2022

When I'm bored, I eat, when I'm hungry, I eat.. Eating is my favourite :)
–June 11, 2022

Spray Millet is my favorite snack, I can eat this stuff all day..
–June 7, 2022

I love chilling with dad and he loves chilling with me. Jeans are nice, but I prefer sitting on cotton.
–June 2, 2022

Staying busy..
–May 30, 2022

Love standing on bright colours :)
I bank with RBC
Hey there, hi there, ho there! This is the place to be! Can't you see? We are family :) –June 11, 2022

I always eat the sunflower seeds first, but I love dried fruits too! When I find dried mangos in my bowl, it's so amazing :)
–June 11, 2022

MMMM! This is soooo delicious! Dried mangoes are amazing!!!
–June 11, 2022

Just finished taking a night-time shower, munching on my favorite fruit!!!
–June 5, 2022

The upside down life. Here I'm playing with dad.. In our old house, we always hung out in this wonderful blue room! I miss it.. Anyways, Before I had trust issues, anyone could flip me around like this, but now I'm very careful who picks me up..
–June 2, 2022

In the studio
–May 30, 2022

Here I'm drinking the finest organic blueberry juice on the planet. #FeelingFancy
–May 29, 2022

You can follow me on Instagram @riothecanadian. Although, I was blocked after posting my first photo.. I hope they let me back on soon.. I can't wait to follow other conures around the world :)

–May 27, 2022

You know that look...

On dad's shoulder, happy as can be. I love walking around the house with my family :)
–June 11, 2022

I love it when my dad takes pictures of me, but when I'm eating, I wonder why dad?
–June 11, 2022

I love my human family. The Calzato's are the best. I love sitting on the couch looking at them, thinking about them, and pondering about other things too.
–June 8, 2022

Chilling in the old blue room! Lights are dimmed, but some cool stars on the wall give the room enough light so I can look around :)
–June 2, 2022

I jumped on dad's shoulder right after my shower and he was on the way to shower. This is me waiting for dad on the bathroom towel bar.
–May 28, 2022